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about us

Bow Plus Archery was opened in 1987 as an extension of Wales Archery Specialist from South Wales.  Run by Leslie Wason until her retirement in 2002. Now independent, bought by Dave, Sue and Chris horder who until then  had run the Celtic Archery Shop in Cornwall under the Wales Archery banner.  Bow Plus still has very close  ties with Wales Archery Specialists and follows the company

Philosophy which is to provide  a  good range  of  products with an excellent customer service. All of  our staff are archers, not  salesmen, they know what they are  talking about and will  offer  advice and help when required.

The shop is fully ramped to  provide  easy  access for the disabled.


about Bow Plus


A late night opening can be arranged for any evening in the week except Mondays. This service is offered to individuals or clubs and can be  booked by phone or e.mail at any time in advance.

We  have vending services in the shop so if you fancy a drink or a snack then you can serve yourself. logo